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Dental Implants

A dental implant is designed to replace a missing tooth. Dr. Goodwin has received advanced training in dental implants and can restore your teeth to a full set in just a few appointments.

There are three steps to receiving an implant:

Placing the implant:

An artificial root is embedded in the jaw to become the foundation on which a replacement tooth is placed. The implant also stimulates the bone, helping to preserve the health and function of surrounding teeth and prevent further loss.

Personal temporization:

A customized temporary tooth is attached to the implant. This provides a cover that looks and feels realistic. It will stay in place while the bone underneath heals around the implant.

Final restoration

When the bone has healed, Dr. Goodwin will replace the temporary tooth with a permanent one. This new tooth has been made to measure and will fit perfectly in your mouth. It is made from strong, durable materials and will blend to match your teeth giving you a natural smile.

Dental implants are a very important piece of dental health. Dental implants not only enhance your smile, but they also offer many health benefits, such as:

  • Help preserve remaining natural teeth
  • Improve appearance of your smile
  • Maintain dental hygiene
  • Contribute to better health long-term

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