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Candidate for Affordable Dental Implants?

Implant crown
Implant crown

Dentists can now replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or an entire mouth with dental implants. Dr Goodwin has advanced training in both the surgical placement of dental implants and the restoration phase of dental implants. Because both phases are completed in house by Dr Goodwin the cost of dental implants are more affordable. After patients have had a dental implant post secured a permanent implant crown, bridge, or a set of implant dentures can be attached.

Implants provide chewing ability as well as a natural look. Dental implants provide a level of support that can allow you to bite into crispy and hard foods like apples or steaks.


Dental implants example
Dental implants example

What are Dental Implants?


It is a biological friendly titanium root/post that is placed into the bone below the gums. To replace a single tooth- three things are needed: Implant Crown (what resembles the white part you eat with), the Implant(the titanium post) and a connector part between the crown and post called an abutment.


Advantages of dental implants:


Maintains bone. Without an implant continual atrophy of your jawbone occurs

Ability to have a natural looking smile.

Ability to chew better.

Patients without teeth can gain their teeth and self-image back.

Made from titanium – highly durable.

Have a success rate above 95%

Introduced over 30 years ago implants now have a significant amount of evidence confirming their use, longevity, and success.


Goodwin Dental has restored hundreds of smiles between Fort Worth and Weatherford with dental implants. Give us a call today at 682-312-5260 for a consultation.

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