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ClearCorrect is a clear and simple alternative to braces. It involves a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners fitted to your teeth that will straighten your teeth over time. At each appointment or session a different aligner is used to move your teeth until the desired position is achieved.

Dr. Goodwin will arrange for impressions, photos, and x-rays of your teeth to be taken. He will then write a prescription which will be sent along with your images to ClearCorrect to create your custom aligners. When you receive your personalized set of aligners, you will be given step-by- step instructions on how to care for, and when to change them. Dr. Goodwin and his team will be available along the way to ensure you achieve your straightened smile.

ClearCorrect benefits:

  • Almost invisible so that no one will know you are having your teeth corrected.
  • Perfectly fit and are more comfortable to wear than traditional braces.
  • Easily removed so that you can still eat all of your favorite food and clean your teeth normally.
  • An affordable option with a competitive price compared to other clear liner brands in the market.


Adult & Adolescent