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Custom Sports & Night Guards

Custom Sports Guards

A custom sports guard is an important piece of protective gear that protects the teeth and jaw from sports injuries. A custom sports guard cushions the blow that could cause injury and can reduce the rate of concussion and dental injuries.

Goodwin Dental offers custom sports guards that are made to address your athletes individual needs. Dr. Goodwin will analyze your child’s age, type of sports activity, any previous injury, and orthodontics to help create a custom sports guard that will specially fit and protect your athlete. You can also customize your guard to include your favorite colors and team logo.

Night Guards

At Goodwin Dental we design custom night guards to treat jaw conditions like Bruxism, teeth clenching and/or grinding, TMJ, snoring and Sleep Apnea. A custom-fitted protective night guard is often recommended for patients to treat jaw pain, headaches, chipping or breaking teeth and to prevent wear on teeth.

  • Prevent damage
  • Treat TMJ
  • Ease discomfort

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