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Dentures are an important investment in your oral health.  They help keep the shape of your mouth looking natural and support the structures around your cheeks and lips. Dentures are often used to replace teeth that have caused pain and/or have infected roots. Removing any unhealthy teeth will improve your overall health as you will be less susceptible to bacterial infections.

There are three types of dentures:


Supported dentures (bridges) are used to replace one or a couple of missing teeth. It is held in place by two crowns, which act as an anchor to ensure the replacement tooth/teeth do not move and also to help give you a natural smile.

Partial Dentures

Often used to replace teeth when the surrounding area is not strong enough to support a bridge and you are missing more than a couple of teeth. Partials can be removed when needed.

Full Dentures

used to replace all of your teeth and can be fitted for the top and/or bottom row of gums. They are not permanent either and can easily be taken out for cleaning.

Dr. Goodwin is an expert in assessing whether you require dentures and will create a set that look natural, are comfortable to wear, and match your existing teeth giving you a confident and beautiful smile.

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