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Have you had an Oral Cancer Screening lately?

oral cancer examHave you had your routine oral cancer exam within the last year?

In some cases, something with the appearance of a common canker sore can actually be much more devastating. Oral cancer is a disease that according to the most recent American Cancer Society estimates, more than 48,000 people will get this year and 9,500 of those will not even survive the year. Unfortunately, oral cancer is usually discovered in the late stages leading to a high death rate.

The top three risk factors for oral cancer include not only alcohol and tobacco use, but a staggering 72 percent of cases can be attributed to HPV (human papillomavirus).

Early detection can begin with a visit to your dentist. Routine appointments at your Aledo dental office are not only about getting your teeth cleaned. Oral health exams and oral cancer screenings are completed during each exam.

Oral cancer doesn’t discriminate, you don’t even need teeth to get oral cancer. It is also important for those with dentures to make appointments for regular check-ups and screenings. If you live in the Weatherford or Aledo surrounding areas and ever have a spot that you previously didn’t recognize or that is oddly shaped, do not hesitate to call us! Goodwin Dental is not only here to keep your smile healthy, but your all around oral health as well.

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