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Our Mission and Vision

It is not often that you find a General Dentist that can offer complete orthodontic treatment solutions beyond clear aligners, but Dr Goodwin is passionate about orthodontics and has completed over four years of additional training enabling him to straighten teeth orthodontically for all ages. 

Dr. Goodwin believes that orthodontics is more than straight teeth. He has been specially trained to take into consideration: breathing habits, tongue and rest oral posture, facial profile appearance and much more with his orthopedic & orthodontic care.

The way a face skeletally develops from the nose up is primarily genetic. The way a face develops from the nose to the chin can be heavily influenced by rest oral posture, breathing habits, tonsils, adenoids, allergies, thumb sucking, and other non-genetic influences.

Dr. Goodwin believes in timing his orthodontic care to maximize results and minimize length of treatment. 

Pediatric and Teen Orthodontics

Dr. Goodwin has received advanced pediatric and adolescent training. He will take an individual approach when caring for your child. Not every child will need a team approach, but some do and he believes working in conjunction with: allergists, ENT’s, and myofunctional therapists to help a face between the nose and chin grow properly.

If you want to enhance your smile, or your child needs assistance in their oral-facial growth and development, Dr. Goodwin will tailor treatment to your needs and wants. He knows many issues addressed prior to teen years can prevent major problems in the future. His approach is conservative, non-extraction as much as possible, and considers the airway in all treatment recommendations.

Adult Orthodontics

Dr. Goodwin has been practicing adult orthodontics for the past decade and has received advanced training in pediatric orthodontics. He will tailor your case to specially fit your needs and desires.

Goodwin Dental offers:

  • Metal Brackets
  • Clear aligners (ClearCorrect)
  • Clear ceramic and tooth colored wires

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Dr. Goodwin’s Credentials

  • Over four years and 400 hours of certified training with the American Orthodontic Society and Academy of Gp Orthodontics
  • Member of the American Orthodontic Society
  • Member of the Academy of GP Orthodontics
  •  Experience in comprehensive adult, teen and pediatric orthodontics
  • Advanced General Dentist working toward AOS Board Certification


ClearCorrect, a simple alternative to braces. Clear, custom-made, removable aligners are fitted to your teeth and will straighten your teeth over time.


Dr Goodwin is a General Dentist providing complete orthodontic care. The Goodwin Dental team is trained in the latest orthodontic procedures to help adults and adolescents achieve their best smile. Come see our before and afters and schedule your consultation.

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