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Stained Teeth & Whitening Options

How does drinking wine, coffee or smoking cause teeth staining? Read on to discover what your preferred Aledo & Willow Park Cosmetic Dentist, Dr Goodwin has to share.

Over time, the pigments, nicotine, and tar set into the tooth’s enamel through channels or pores and lead to a gradual discoloration. The nicotine when combined with oxygen causes the yellowing and tar leads to eventual browning. Wine contains acids that etch the enamel and make pigments stick to the tooth. We all have microscopic pores, ridges, and grooves on our teeth and coffee or other dark beverages over time where they embed build up.


Brushing your teeth after wine can actually be chemically and mechanically abrasive to the enamel so we suggest brushing before to remove any plaque the pigments will coat and prevent wine stained smiles.

Consider professional teeth whitening to enhance your smile and make that great first impression.


Are you not only hiding your smile but your breath?

If you can’t brush after each cigarette be sure to rinse with water to remove smoking residue and be sure to see your dentist at regular intervals for check-ups and cleanings to reduce the side effects of stain, tartar, bad breath and to halt any possible oral health problems early. Smoking can lead to halitosis, gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and increase your risk for oral cancer.

Don’t let stained yellow teeth keep you from smiling big and getting up close with the ones you love this Valentine’s Day schedule a visit with your Parker County Dentist Dr Goodwin by calling 682-312-5260.

“Remember you better be true to your teeth or they will be false to you!”

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