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Creating a confident smile sometimes can be as simple as whitening your teeth.  We use Professional Grade Venus Whitening services to help keep our patient’s teeth looking their best.


We have three options to choose from and all are tailored to meet your lifestyle and needs:

Venus White Max:

This is an in-office whitening treatment and is the strongest whitening service we offer. The treatment usually takes between 60-90 minutes and most patients notice a difference of between 4-5 shades. This treatment is the best value since you will also receive a customized whitening tray to take home after the procedure.

Venus White Pro:

This treatment can be done at home. You will be given customized whitening trays to take home with three concentrations to choose from. This treatment received a top award from the Dental Association of America in 2019.

Venus White Ultra:

This treatment can also be done at home and is the only whitening solution approved for ages 18 and under. The pre-filled whitening trays are 3-4 times stronger than similar products. Always ask Dr. Goodwin before administering this product to anyone 18 and under.

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